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Manganese Additive/Mn Tablet
发布人:    发布时间:2016-08-03

Manganese Additive

Used to addition or adjust the content of Manganese element in aluminium and other alloys, to replace the Al-Mn master alloy. It can be added directly into the melt at normal melting temperaturenot only melting the fast but also easy to use, and the elements recovery rate are usually higher than 95%.

Applied to non-ferrous plate, strip, foil, section and car industry, wire and cable making, and non-ferrous alloy ingots industry.



Balance:1.Pure Aluminium

       2.Non-hygroscopic sodium free flux

       3.Pure Aluminium+Non-hygroscopic sodium free flux


For tablet: from 500g-1333g per tablet

For Mini-tablet: from 50g to 200g per mini-tablet


For tablet will be 2-4 tablets wrapped with aluminium foil,10-20KGS in a cardboard box,1000KGS on a wooden pallet

For Mini-tablet will be 10KGS or 25 Lbs per paper bag,1000KGS in a wooden case

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place

Add:No.27 Heilongjiang West Rd.qinhuangdao,Hebei,China Zip code:066004
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